Up Converting DVD Movies in Computer


Apr 8, 2008
I was not sure where I could ask this question so I decided to post it here hoping some one would make a good recommendation.

I want to know what player/codec/tool would enable me to watch a DVD in High Def (up converted to 720p) resolution on my computer.

Right now I am running Vista Ultimate 64 Bit with a HD Radeon 3650 connected to a 37 inch LCD. When I play a DVD on my computer using VLC, all it is doing is stretching the movie to match the resolution and not doing an up conversion. I can clearly see the difference since I also have a Toshiba HD-A3 which does an awesome job of displaying DVDs in High Def.

So how can I get high def output through my PC to watch movies.

I know I can just use the HD-A3 to play the DVDs, I would like to be able to play them through the computer as well.

So please give me some insights as to how I can achieve high deg conversion when watching movies on my computer.


Apr 8, 2008
I downloaded and installed WinDVD 9. But every time I open it crashes.

I have Vista Ultimate 64 BIT, any one aware of any incompatibilities with this software and Vista 64 Bit.

I did the install in a haste yesterday, so I am going to give it another shot today and see that would help.

I had the same problem when I installed PowerDVD as well.

Also can ffdshow be used for high def decoding or up conversion ?

What other codec or players can I use for this purpose ?

Please advise.



Mar 17, 2006
Even though I have 64bit OS I never got to find reason to use it on any computers I have at my home as the drivers are hard to find. Unfortunately I can't say where to start looking for 64bit drivers as I have not look into it for 5 years now, for that I apologize.

There's Ahead Nero program where you can up convert to HD Video using MP4 format and support 64bit but I don't think you can use it to play your regular player though, However Nero used to sale hardware Media Player equipment that I think decode their MP4 format, but I don't know ehre to look for it now.

New Features for Nero 8 Ultra. http://www.nero.com/enu/nero8-features.html

Ahead Nero's limited support Vista 64 Bit. http://www.nero.com/enu/nero8-system-requirements.html
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