updating bios how important? for lenovo G505s


Sep 30, 2014
i have v1.01 bios do i really need to update to 3.00 the update only says (Fix CPU temperature between T1(50¡ãC)~T2(90¡ãC) does not meet the fan duty.) my laptop does get hot but never shuts down plus i have a laptop cooler.


Nov 6, 2007
There's a chance of messing up a laptop with any update, not just the BIOS.

Just let the OP do whatever he's comfortable with. If he's not comfortable trying to flash the BIOS after reading the instructions, then he doesn't have to.


Dec 10, 2012
Updating the BIOS carries the inherit risk of bricking the BIOS (most companies say that there is a 4-8% chance of this happening), so you should only do it if there is something that is needed...(functionality and/or hardware issues). Updating the operating system and programs can cause OS problems - but you can fix that by a format/reinstall of the OS. Most people don't have an EEPROM burner with the software necessary to program the BIOS chip.

I have bricked a couple of motherboards from this - and generally the manufacturer will charge you $40-$50 for a new BIOS chip (with the latest BIOS installed).


Oct 9, 2015
Dear friends, I have some wise words for you...
1) If you dont want to be afraid of updating your BIOS, or you bricked your laptop and don't want to pay $40-$50 to a greedy manufacturer for basically nothing,
I recommend that you buy USB SPI flasher + SOIC-8 test clip (which cost is less than $10 from China) So that if you bricked your laptop you can tear down your laptop and use these tools: attach SOIC-8 test clip to BIOS flash chip on a motherboard, test clip connects to USB SPI flasher, which is plugged in to other computer. That other computer, after the installation of necessary driver and flashing program, can either read binary images of BIOS stored in this BIOS chip, or write your own BIOS image that you have to that BIOS chip. Basically all these "repair services" are ripping off people because people are stupid and dont know how to fix their computers for themselves...
2) About Lenovo G505S - you could get a Coreboot open source BIOS (which supports Lenovo G505S) and flash it to your laptop! :D
How to get this wonderful BIOS and flash it:
Because its open source, you can modify the source as much as you want, everything is unlocked, performance is improved, as well as a speed of booting, and no WiFi whitelists or other stupid restrictions! :)
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