Upgrade Laptop LCD


Jan 6, 2015
Hi all,

I own an Acer Aspire V5-571P-73538G1TMass 15.6" touchscreen laptop and am very satisfied with everything apart from the poor resolution. The LCD's resolution is currently 1366x768 and I would love to replace and upgrade this LCD to one of 1080p. However, I am struggling to find if there is any LCD compatiple with my laptop that is higher than the resolution I already have. If anyone would be able to assist me in finding what I am looking for, or else (hopefully not) let me know if this upgrade is not possible with my model.

Thank you for any help in advance.

Hi, you can't change your screen for a 1080. The ribbon you have for the screen has only one channel, for the 1080 you need a ribbon with two channels.


Jul 4, 2013

I don't think you are able to actually swap the LCD of a laptop out for a greater capacity one. Not only would it be extremely hard to find such a screen that would fit AND plug in correctly, your laptops on-board graphics might not like it either, thus shortening the service life of your laptop. Think about your warranty too if it's still in effect. Doing a swap or even opening the laptop would probably void it. You could however always hook up an external monitor with whatever resolution you want, especially if you are using it as a desktop unit.

Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
there is a way to switch LCD-monitors (been there, done that)
you have to disassemble the monitor but as Kenny sayd, only if your warranty is already void !

if you find another laptop with same dimensions (height and width) but higher resolution, you might try to disconnect the connector on the backside of the screen (not the connector into the motherboard).

the one behind the LCD is usually compatible with most LCD-screens ! but it doesn't mean it is compatible with the other hardware !

So you might just go with "trial and error" !

Cheers, Louise.

PS: I switched broken screens from different brands of laptops without loss of resolution. I just made sure they were same size and approx. the same age !