Upgrading to Full-frame or BMPCC? Video Recording

Mar 27, 2015
I have shoot and produce short films using Nikon D5300 for a while. As my video editing and cinematography skill develops, i feel quite limited. First, many friends around me suggests me to shoot with full frame DSLR's to produce better quality images, but i have 4 DX lenses and i don't want to waste my money on buying another lens. Another friend told me that i would be better off with BMPCC since it has Prores and Cinema DNG, which is very useful for color grading.

My current choices are:

1. Buy a full frame DSLR and throw away my current lenses
2. Buy a BMPCC and an adapter
3. Retain my D5300 and buy Atomos Ninja Star?
4. Other possible solutions?
Lenses generally keep their value pretty well, so it may be time to start upgrading your DX lenses to regular ones. You'll get at least 50% of the original value.

You should also consider some of RED's stuff, Sony FS7 (and similar) , even Canon's C series. There's far more to image quality than just sensor quality.