urbeats 2015 edition - damaged cable repairable?


Aug 30, 2016
Hi all,

I have a pair of the rose gold urBeats released last year. The cable has become damaged and is mostly cut through. The cable covering is completely severed as are the red wires inside, the ear bud is being held on by what appears to be 4 cotton threads inside the wire.

Does anyone know if these are repairable? The red wiring is very fine, almost like steel wool I'm not sure whether if I strip the plastic coating back the wire will just come away also. They are also so fine and small I don't think I could separate them out to twist together the individual bundles.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I would just like to know whether it is worth an attempt to repair them or to just buy some new ones!


Mr Kagouris

Sep 7, 2015
If you can strip the wire coating without damaging the actual wires themselves you can repair it fairly easily with some electrical tape. You could also solder them together if you have a soldering station (this would still require stripping the wire insulation as it would melt and make a mess if you touched it with a soldering iron tip).
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