!!!URGENT!!! Blackboard Collaborate will not open files anymore

Saint Grimm

Feb 25, 2014
I'm having a very hard time getting this program to work. It worked fine in the past, and I actually JUST used it for class. I have class again tomorrow, but I cannot join any meetings or view any recordings!!!

When I try to open the colab file, I get the window asking if I want to give admin permission to open Blackboard Collaborate, I click yes and then just nothing happens...

Right after my class today, I wanted to open the recording of the same class so I could remind myself how to do something in a program. I went to the recordings for the virtual classroom, downloaded the .collab file, and it wouldn't open. I tried some of the test collabs on the internet to make sure the recording wasn't messed up, but none of them will open either.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the program 3 times, I've restarted my pc twice, shut it down completely once. I've also tried reinstalling Java and giving the program full access through my firewall, but it hasn't changed anything at all.

I haven't had this problem within my 2 years of attending college, and can't afford to drive to the school every day. I have more classes tomorrow so this is a VERY URGENT situation I need to fix!!


Feb 13, 2017

Did you have any luck sorting this out? I have a similar issue. Everything says it's installed properly, but opening a collab file does nothing! I just missed a tutorial!
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