Question Urgent help needed

Mar 19, 2020
I am trying to install a ssd to my sony vaio vpccb45fn, intel 2nd gen i5 , hm65 express mobo but i am getting different error messages i tried most of the things available on the internet but nothing is working i.e uninstalling drivers and reinstalling it , formatting the disk from cmd :/ diskpart , removing secondary hard drive , changing boot priority from bios , creating partitions from disk manager and fresh windows install ....but the ssd doesn't seem to work it only show as unallocated and when i tried to install fresh windows it was showing error code "0x80300024"


Need some better details here, seems you have two drives in the system. This SSD is going to be the main boot drive? What version of Windows are you trying to install? Did you go to advanced disk options to see if it shows any partitions on the drive?