Question URGENT: Laptop wont turn on after thermal paste change.

Jun 27, 2020
I have an MSI gf 63 laptop. I have had it for over 2 years and the laptop overheated often. I have opened up the laptop several times and cleaned out the fan as it had dust and debris in it. This time, I opened the laptop same as before and removed the fan cover and heatsink. I removed the original thermal paste that was dried out and replaced it with some new non conductive thermal paste. I used alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove the thermal paste. I then cleaned the fan and plugged the fan connecter back in. Then, I put the heatsink back on and closed the laptop back up. I screwed it back in but when I pressed the power button it didn’t start even when I plugged it in, I thought it might have been a screen issue but the backlight on the keyboard didn’t light up either. I opened it up to check if the battery connector was plugged in and it was. I am really helpless and the laptop is really expensive so I don’t want to replace any expensive parts. Can someone please help ASAP? I am really nervous and really worried, if someone could help that would give me a lot of relief.


Apr 24, 2011
Sorry my friend, if you put everything back together the way it was supposed to be, you must have bent something or shorted something out?

Were you grounded while you were working?

The only way to troubleshoot is to have a professional assess the motherboard and look for shorts.

You sure you didn't dislodge a connector near the AC adapter or battery? Does the laptop do anything at all when you try to turn it on?

Aug 13, 2020
I know this answer is super late, but it think it could have been cos of the RAM modules not seated correctly, for which u just remove them and install it again