Question USB Audio disconnecting

Feb 16, 2023
I connect my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 510S) via USB cable (0.75m) to my sound system (an integrated amplifier with digital to analogue converter - the Audiolab M-One which uses its own power source which is connected to speakers). I use either Foobar or Winyl to control playback. The operating system is Windows 10.

Playback will initiate and will continue for approximately 30mins to 40mins without any issues. Audio will then cease through the sound system (seemingly at a random point) but playback will continue (the song continues to play on the laptop there is just no sound through the sound system). Taking the USB cable out and then reconnecting will result in audio commencing again through the sound system for about 2 -3 secs. Audio then ceases (but playback continues). To be clear - system sounds from Windows will still play through the sound system at all times.

This is not a wiring issue as the house had a full rewire about 5 years ago.

So far I have:

(1) replaced the USB cable (did not resolve the issue)

(2) performed a clean reinstall of Windows 10 (did not resolve the issue)

(3) updated audio and USB drivers to latest versions (did not resolve the issue)

(4) ensured that USB suspend settings are disabled in power management (did not resolve the issue)

(5) disabled the ability of Windows to turn of a USB in device management (did not resolve the issue)

(6) tried both Foobar and Winyl to control playback (both encounter the same problem)

(7) removed all anti virus software (did not resolve the issue)

(8) set all power management to maximum performance (this did not resolve the issue);

(9) updated the firmware for the Audiolab M-One (this did not resolve the issue).

It is difficult to see how this could be a hardware issue given that playback occurs flawlessly (no pops or crackles) for 30mins to 40mins without issue so it must be a software issue. I am struggling to see what is left to check though.