Question USB Dac stops playing sound after switchin back and forth to laptop speakers

Jan 11, 2021
Hello folks,

The problem:
This is the second time this happened. I switched from using the usb dac to using my onboard laptop speakers which work fine. Then when I wanted to use my headphones with my usb amp dac setup again, I change the default audio back to the usb codec, disable all other audio inputs and outputs, and I can see that in audio levels sound appears to be playing, as well as the light on my dac goes on when receiving input but no sound through headphones. This happened before and I found a way to fix it online but I cannot find that page again and I don't remember what I did to make it work.

The setup:
Gishelli amp and dac stack for headphones.
The DAC only accepts SPDIF and my laptop doesn't have an optical out jack so I had to get a Behringer UCA202 that plugs into a usb port and provides the optical jack for my stack. The laptop is a Razer gaming rig running Windows 10.

This is not a problem with volume settings or a problem with the uca202 or the stack. I remember it being related to the usb ports drivers or settings, which I tried in device manager to uninstall and restart. I tried uninstalling each and every usb controller also and restarting. Windows is up to date. I have disabled programs from being able to take exclusive use of the device. I have disabled enhancements. I have tried plugging the uca202 into both usb 3.0 ports and a usb 2.0 port.

I would greatly appreciate anyone's help. Thanks!
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