Question USB devices will not wake up Gigabyte P34 when sleeping

Apr 4, 2020

I have a gigabyte P34 laptop hooked up to a Wavlink docking station where I have all my USBs hooked up. Everything has been working smoothly since I got the docking station except one thing. When the computer goes into S2 or S3 sleep, I cannot turn on the computer with the mouse or keyboard. (One of the reasons that I got the docking station was because I got this computer close to 2014 and the wear and tear of opening and closing the computer has taken it's toll, so I want to be able to turn on the computer wihtout opening the lid.)

Here's a list of things I've troubleshooted already:

BIOS -- there is not a "power management" section in the BIOS of the computer that I could find. There was a USB management section, but I was not able to disable or enable anything in this section

Device manager -- When I go into the keyboard and mouse section there is not a power management section for me to enable wake up on USB. I checked the driver information for all the current devices and everything said it was up to date with the most current driver.

Advanced Power options -- I was able to disable the USB selective suspend setting, but that didn't seem to do anything.

CMD -- I went through and found all the devices that would wake up the computer in S1 sleep and it only listed my mouse and keyboard through the docking station, when I checked S2 it says none, and when I checked S3 it listed the power button (among others but I couldn't make anything of what the other options were but it did NOT have the mouse and keyboard listing from S1). As a last ditch effort, I went into the cmd and reset all default settings, and went back in to make sure that the ones I listed above were the only ones that were changed (meaning a previous settting was not interfering) and I still have this issue. I also set the parameter for suspend USB settings from 1 to 0.

CMD -- Tried to enable USB from the cmd prompt and it said I did not have permission to do this, so I restarted and ran as admin and got the same issue.

I have gone through so many forums, I can't keep track. Is this a problem that anyone else has had? I can't find anything about the P34 having this issue. I also don't know if it has something to do with the keyboard and mouse that I currently have even though, I was able to wake up my desktop before with the current mouse and keyboard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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