Usb ports laptop died...advise?

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Jeroen B

Nov 3, 2013
A while ago 2 of my usb 3.0 ports suddenly died on my laptop(hp pavilion p035nd, bought in summer 2014...warranty expired). After i had transfered some files via a usb stick, i plugged in my keyboard and mouse again. I noticed that the lights on my keyboard where off and that my mouse kept connecting/disconnecting. After a reboot the ports did nothing anymore. I tested if power was still coming out of the ports but that wasnt the case (tested with phone). After that i tried to reinstall the drivers in windows 10, running the bios and see if the ports did something and lastly tried a live usb with fedora(linux) on it. Currently i suspect that something like the usb controller died on my motherboard since the single other port at the other side of my laptop(usb 2.0) still works, and both ports simultaniously died.

My question
Does anybody know if this is relatively easy to fix? Right now im already with the mindset to purchase a new laptop since im not waiting on a mobo replacement for ~300 euro's while the laptop costed 700 new. Other than that im not fond of the ~60 euro testing costs most companies charge for testing the thats why im asking. If someone would reply, saying its easy or difficult to repair("cheap"/expensive) then i know for myself i wont have to send it in for repair and just order a new laptop.
Sounds like a hardware issue which means replacing the motherboard. I would not replace it in a 2 year old laptop if it will cost you half as much as a new laptop.
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