Question USB Tethering iPhone 7/iOS 13.5.1 WiFi to Windows 7 laptop


Oct 11, 2009
There's no problem doing this via Settings > Cellular ON > Cellular Data ON, which then allows you to enable Personal Hotspot. But my phone plan does included unlimited cellular data ($15. for 2.5GB), so I'd rather use WiFi most of the time, especially when tethering to my laptop for long internet sessions.

The problem is that iOS 13.5.1, Windows 7, the lack of some driver and/or some protocol issue prevents me from enabling the phone's Personal Hotspot to allow the laptop WiFi via the phone, even with my phone USB tethered to the laptop. Even if it would fix the problem, I don't want to install Windows 10 on this old laptop, and I'm not looking to buy a new one this year. Please advise.
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