Use Bass Amp on Razer Kraken?

No One_1

Aug 2, 2017
so i was always wondering why when i turn bass boost all the way up it barely changes anything and then i saw a video of someone doing a bass test with a piece of paper and the headset and there was a lot of bass. i have the razer kraken pro which connects via USB and most amps i see only have the audio jack thing and not a usb port. also i dont have a soundcard idk if i need one of those or not. is there a bass amp that has both a regular audio jack and a usb port in case in choose to upgrade my headset in the future to one that doesnt use usb. thanks for help
You can't use a "bass amp" or any analog amp with USB headphones. The amp is built into them already.
Make sure your PC is set to 2.0 output. If it's set to 2.1 then that will remove all bass from your headphones and send it to a sub that isn't there.
If you want more bass out of your headphones you could try some EQ software.
You can only boost bass so much before you will damage the headphones so be careful.
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