Using 3.5mm Audio Cable to boombox on projector movie night


May 28, 2016
I bought a new Acer projector to show movies in family yard. Or least I thought so! Trying to boost sound by running audio cable to boombox while on aux. I tried projector audio in and that didn't work so I tried the audio output to boombox and no luck there. I also have a dvd player hooked up to projector. So far only can see movie or strain to hear it on projector's speaker. Any ideas?
Need to extract somehow, I'm not quite sure how that's done, since it's a all in one unit.

This is a very cool idea, I've wanted to do it for a while, but not able to. Gonna have to stick with viewing indoors. :(

For further assistance, list the model # of your equipment.
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