Using a car universal charger to power up an amplifier


Jan 19, 2016

I am trying to remove completely the headunit and instead use my smartphone for music in my car.

My idea is this:

Use a laptop charger which has 70W max to power up a small 2-channel amplifier which takes 12v to 24v, (output power: 68W * 2 and Power details are: 68W, 4O / 50W, 8O)

For speakers, I will be two rear speakers, and to keep up the smartphone battery full, I shall use the 5v from the laptop charger.

These are what I thought of buying:

Would this idea work?

A laptop charger may not provide enough current to drive an amp. You would have to try it to be sure. Might overheat the charger or damage it trying to play loud enough.
You could use a car stereo amp? Add a 12 to 5volt usb adapter to keep your phone charged.