Question Using Logitech Z506 satelites(rear/sides) with X503 left/center/right and x503 sub


Oct 11, 2017
Hello all,
I am trying to connect above mentioned speaker to my PC, motherboard that I use is AsRock z370 Pro4 ( Pro4/ )
Thing is everything connects fine, just cannot connect my rear left, it does not produce any sound,
Thing I've tried:
Looking into Realtek settings to make sure everything is connected properly;
Testing speaker on another slot and other working speaker on LR slot(no sound on LR slot while on others speakers work fine)
Now thing is...
When I fiddled around Realtek settings and ports on the back of my mobo which are as follows from left to right: ping/Green/blue( my physical cables are colored blue/green/black), I found out that particular port on back of my sub does produce sound, but then one other speaker stops producing sound, which leads me to believe that I am missing something
Any assistance would be appreciated
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