Using old speakers on new receiver

That Steve Guy

Feb 20, 2017
I have some nice sony speakers with a sub. i want to add a new receiver and maybe some more speakers. Im not sure if what i have will be compatible with a new receiver. the speaks were made in the last 10 years and have multiple audio wires from the back. the standard red and black but also blue and black wires. the sub has gray and black wires. i have not seen a receiver with both other than my current stereo? any suggestions or thoughts? thanks
Your description of the speakers (and lack of model numbers) tells me that the speakers may have come from a mini system. So of them use separate amps and speaker wire for the woofer and tweeter of each cabinet. That's why there are four wires instead of two to each cabinet.
The subwoofer is passive because the amp it was also in the mini system electronics. Any AV receiver you buy will not have an amp for the sub built in so you would have to add one.
You might be able to use the stereo speakers with an AV receiver by running both pair of wire from each speaker in parallel to the front speaker terminals. Red+blue to red (positive) and black+black to black (negative) is probably correct.
Overall I would say that these speakers are probably not that good but it would be a start since you could upgrade later and use the stereo pair as you surround speakers.
It might make sense for you to get a powered sub rather than add an amp to the one you have.
Speakers haven't changed much since they were invented. The fact and your have so many wires though may indicate this is some active (self powered) speakers or speaker-sets that are designed to work with certain specific equipment.

You want more specific feedbacks, post some clear pictures of the back of these speakers.


Sep 17, 2014
if they arent terminated ( plugs ) , you can purchase banana plugs which then become compatible with many different types of amp/dacs or av receivers , depends on your choice of receiver , there is so many choices that i recommend looking for a receiver that fits your personal choice , as for the colors , it sounds like color coding between left and right and sub ( not a audio prosumer so grain of salt if you wish lol ) , i have a sony system almost identical in description and thats how i am currently viewing it towards a new receiver
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