Utorrent + SaferVPN Download problem

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Aug 13, 2015
Hey group,
I am using Charter for internet. Excellent speed on homebuilt pc and two laptops with win 10 and 8.1. I use Utorrent for my downloads. I use SaferVPN for my privacy when doing so. I am suddenly unable to use Utorrent when I download anything. On all 3 systems. If I try to download with SaferVPN on, the torrents drop to a flatline of 0.0. As soon as its disabled, and using windows normally, it shoots right back up to a healthy 6 meg transfer. Its like a lightswich.. SaferVPN on....nothing , off, great speeds. It only affects Utorrent though. Normal surfing (Firefox) is fine. One wierd thing though, If I am surfing with SaferVPN and using Firefox, it will hang on a google search If I type in even the word Utorrent. I can then simply disconnect SaferVPN, wait till it disconnects, and refresh the browser that is still open, and it will instantly go to the utorrent links google brought up. I can repeat that same thing on all 3 computers. I have tried all the most usual steps in trying to work around it, but am coming up with blanks. My cheap but reliable Netis wf2412 router is at factory settings. Its a bit confusing on the port forwarding options. I would try to go that route, but am not sure without a bit of help from this group as to which settings would be best. If anybody knows these programs and that router, please post here, or better yet, shoot me an email I am starting to suspect my Charter cable may have a clever blocking scheme going on. -Thanks group.

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I am starting to suspect my Charter cable may have a clever blocking scheme going on.

And you would be correct. While many won't agree with them filtering your internet, its part of whatever they are doing to prevent piracy.

Unfortunately such discussion is not allowed here so I will be closing this thread.
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