UX31A Matte IPS


Apr 22, 2011
Are there any available? I am looking for a new laptop for school and many of my classes have bright and obnoxious lights. I really like the 1080p IPS panels that come on the UX31A but I'm not a fan of the high gloss.
Sometimes you can't get everything you want in a laptop... make that most of the time...

I am not a fan of glossy screens either so when I bought my Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 with a glossy screen I also bought an anti-glare screen protector made by Green Onions. It does the job, but it is not 100% perfect. For example, the 14" anti-glare screen does not fully cover the laptop's LCD screen a small part of the screen is at the bottom is not covered by the protector; about 1/16th of an inch. Not a big deal it is barely noticeable.

The biggest issue is the actual placement of the screen protector on the screen itself. Especially if you are in a dusty environment. Even completely wiping my laptop screen and the areas around it, and immediately applying the screen protector I get dust. I guess my Y470 is a dust magnet 'cause I even recently wiped the laptop including the screen, then stepped away for not even a minute. What do i see on my laptop when I get back? A few specks of dust. Dust will cause air bubbles.

Below is a link for a generic 13.3" size Green Onions anti-glare screen protector. The main complaint in the reviews is that it makes the screen look a little grainy and a slightly blurry (slightly). This is in fact by design. The purpose is to diffuse the light reflected back at you so that there is no glare. If it were a completely transparent sheet of plastic without that "grainy" effect, then you will get glare.


The Green Onions anti-glare screen protect is not a perfect solution, but if you found a laptop that has everything you want but dislike the glossy screen, then it is a possible solution. Generally speaking, most laptops with matte screens are business laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPads (the T series is the best) or Dell's Latitude laptops.