Question VAIO is not having best days...

May 7, 2020
Hello guys, recently new to this forum but I have come across this place from time to time in regards to computer/phone issues so I figured maybe here I can get some advice.

I currently use a VIAO PCG-61A14L that hasn't seen better ideas. I've had it for almost a decade and decided to give in and buy a new one
It's out of date despite buying a 1TB hard drive and even a new keyboard since the old one croaked. So for better judgement, I bought a rather hood Asus Aspire 5 Notebook with a combo of 256 gb SSD and a 1TB HDD installed in it from Newegg. So yesterday I received it and excitedly began to install programs and such, even making the rookie mistake of taking out my old laptop's 1TB hard drive and attempt to copy and paste my files into it, only to learn it never had the 1TB HDD installed when I tried to transfer my huge collection of music.

I addressed this to the seller today and he told me to send the Asus back to them so they could install the 1TB HHD. So I settled with just using my old VIAO...only for the VIAO to now acting erratic. First it didn't want to sign into my account and acted like a new computer until I restarted. After that, it just got more erratic. Programs don't want to open, the search bar refuses to open, the Windows Store doesn't want to sign me in, it's a mess. I tried to bed the drive once again but that didn't seem to help, and even followed my friend's instructions on just doing a system restore. Even with that, the Viao is still acting corrupted.

Any advice? I don't know much about computers or such, but I'm willing to try anything to make this computer work the way it was until the new Asus arrives again.