Vaio shuts down after 10s. Makes noises. Crap screen VGN-CR320E


Sep 26, 2006
Heres the problem with my Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E:

When powering up, when the computer goes into the OS, it automatically shuts down after 5 seconsd. I hear really big fan noise sudendly right before it happens. Also, when shut down, I hear eletricity humming noises coming from the notebook. To conclude, the display also is kinda yellow, its a 2008 computer. But I love the exterior chassis. What can I do? Can I swap compoenents or the display?

sounds like the cpu heat sink is lose or the thermal paste is dried up and the unit is shutting itself off to save itself.
i would order a tube of paste (9.0) and take the laptop apart and blow the dust out and repaste the cpu fan. you may want to see what the cost is for a new fan and order it too. if it not the fan it could be the ac brink has a bad wire or voltage output not right.