Valve Revamps Steam Controller (Again)

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Jul 10, 2014
They're really being retarded with this controller... I mean, it's not that hard... here I'll help you out a bit Valve.

-Replace the left Circle TouchPad with a proper joystick, leave the right one as is (so yes, only ONE Circle TouchPad, which would be for Mouse control)
-Underneath it, put a proper D-Pad (not that 4 round buttons joke you had in the previous prototype).
-Leave the rest as is, except having the small touchscreen back would be great, though I understand how it might be difficult to implement due to compatibility stuff. If you DO bring it back, make it rectangle (like 2:3 or, ideally, 16:9) so that we can type with it (SOMEWHAT replaces the keyboard to type quick things in-games or when surfing the web)

There you go.
Not open for further replies.