Solved! Vankyo MatrixPad m-Z4: Does anyone have any experience with them?

Aug 28, 2021
I have a laptop and I have a small Android phone, but I need a larger screen to play graphic games such as Coastal Hill and June's Journey. Money is tight and my budget is definitely under$150; less, if possible. I bought the aforementioned Vankyo on ebay ($73, such a deal!) and, for two weeks, was quite happy with it, although it has the tendency to heat up as though cooking breakfast. Has anyone else used the Z4 and, if so, what was your experience with it?

My tablet stopped recognizing my wifi connection after two weeks. It says it is connecting, then reads disabled. I tried all the small fixes (rebooting tablet, router, forgetting network and reacquiring, etc.) and am now in touch with the manufacturer. But this episode has brought up some disturbing aspects of the tablet and I would appreciate the view of anyone who has used it. When I do a search, I can't find much other than two reviews (one resoundingly biased towards Amazon Fire, possibly because he is an affiliate) and some Walmart reviews.

Thank you.


10" generic tablet for $73, I would expect it to be broken more often than not. Never heard of any good reviews of very cheap tablets. And yes the Amazon Fire tablet is probably the only cheap tablet I would get if I was looking for something in that price. Or a used iPad or Asus Android or some other decent brand.