Dec 14, 2014
ok so i just rebuilt my PC with bigger and better components and now Vegas Pro 13 freezes and forces me to have to manually restart the computer. i followed another guide to turn off GPU rendering, once done the program no longer freezes the computer but now it crashes, here is the report details that it wants to send:

*Edit* I also changed from Pro 12 to Pro 13 with a fresh install to see if that would resolve the issue. No change in behavior.

*Edit 2* I just deleted all .log and .tmp files in users\My PC\appdata\local\sony\vegas pro\13 as per another users resolution, this allowed the program to render for an additional 13 seconds before crashing again.

Extra Information
File: C:\Users\eidelmaim\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\13.0\dx_video_grovel_x64.log
File: C:\Users\eidelmaim\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\13.0\svfx_video_grovel_x64.log
File: C:\Users\eidelmaim\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\13.0\ocio_x64.log
File: C:\Users\eidelmaim\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\13.0\dx_grovel_x64.log
File: C:\Users\eidelmaim\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\13.0\gpu_video_x64.log
File: Z:\vegas pro project files\resurrection ep1.veg

Problem Description
Application Name: Vegas Pro
Application Version: Version 13.0 (Build 373) 64-bit
Problem: Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
Fault Module: C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\FileIO Plug-Ins\mcmp4plug2\mc_cpu\mc_enc_avc.dll
Fault Address: 0x000007FED1A6524A
Fault Offset: 0x00000000000D524A

Fault Process Details
Process Path: C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\vegas130.exe
Process Version: Version 13.0 (Build 373) 64-bit
Process Description: Vegas Pro
Process Image Date: 2014-07-11 (Fri Jul 11) 20:45:08

My PC specs :

Asus 990-fx revision 2.0 motherboard
AMD fx-9590 Black edition @ 4.7ghz CPU
Asus Geforce GTX 660 GPU
Corsair H110 water cooling.
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 10GB memory
Intel 570 series SSD
6TB storage
Coolermaster 1200w Gold+ PSU

if anyone has any solutions, any help will be greatly appreciated.



Dec 14, 2014
i have found the solution to my problem. Turns out it was a hardware issue, specifically my Memory. after sorting out my memory issue vegas pro worked and rendered with no issues.