Solved! Vertical Passive Bi-amping with Integrated Amp?

Jan 9, 2019
Hello Everyone!

I am thinking of bi-amping my Bookshelf speakers. I did some reading about it and I have some questions and would appreciate your comments.

My current setup: Laptop -> Topping D30 DAC -> Topping PA3 Class D Amplifier -> Wharfedale 225 Bookshelf speakers.

I plan to replace the Topping D30 DAC with the D50 (already on the way) . While going through the product description of the D50 on Aliexpress, I saw that one possible configuration is to use it as a Pre-Amp - connected to a power amplifier. Would it be possible to use the integrated amplifier Topping PA3 with the D50 DAC?

If yes, will the volume on the PA3 be set to maximum and the system volume be controlled from the D50 DAC? If this is correct, I plan to purchase a second PA3 and power the left and right speakers with one stereo amplifier for each one with channel for the woofer and the other for the tweeter.

If it is not be possible - meaning that it's only possible with stereo power amps - do you have suggestions for good value for money stereo power amps (something like Topping) that I can purchase from Aliexpress?

I am just trying to experiment and explore around a bit with my system to see if I can get a difference out of adding a second amp.

Thank you!
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With two PA3s you could vertical amp the speakers. With one you could biwire the speakers which is cheap and easy to try.
I doubt that you would gain very much in sound quality with vertical amping and you might damage the tweeters.
A better quality used integrated amp would be my suggestion. You won't find that on Aliexpress.
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