Vertical Rainbow Lines - Plasma TV


Nov 12, 2013
So i'm having an issue where i am getting rainbow lines on my plasma TV. It's a 'Panasonic TH-42PX8A'

I'm not sure what is causing this issue and i don't mind doing a little work to get this TV fixed. I'll post a picture of what it is doing because i cannot seem to find anyone online having the same issue as what i am getting.

(Won't let me attach them)

Also sometimes 1/50 chance there won't be vertical lines. But there will be a really annoying blue tinge. (If that helps, You can see it in his face)

Can post more pictures and give more info if it is needed. I tried calling panasonic and they were not help at all. Wouldn't even let me explain my issue to them.

Thanks for the help!
This is likely to be either the power supply board, or the main board. It also could be the actual panel that is at fault. The power board or the main board would be just about affordable to fix, but if it turns out to be the panel, then it would most likely mean a new TV. It is impossible to give a definite diagnosis on this problem, but what i have listed will have narrowed it down a bit. You would need to have the set assessed to get a 100% diagnosis. Depending on where you live, the price of inspection will obviously vary.

Hope this helps.