Question Very low and muffled sound on the Beyerdynamic MMX300 2nd Gen


Jun 27, 2016
So I've just got my new MMX300 and the sound is freaking incredible (comparing with my old Turtle Beach PX22), I can enjoy soooo much now the music and gaming on another level.
But there is a big problem for me that is really bothering. On my older PX22 the sound of the mic was very clear and loud, even on the lowest sound reduction setting that I could chose on the mini amp (I think it is an amp) that come with the headset. After recording, on Audacity I just needed to make a noise reduction, increase the lows and highs and get a compression on the track and I was ready to go.
But with this mic, I really don't know what I am doing wrong. I tried different sound improvements on audacity but the final result it's always "poop". For those who are going to say to push hard the cable into the headset, I already did that with even a plier and I didn't get a loud click, only a quiet one.
On the settings of the Windows I needed to put the sound mic on the max and boost him by 20db and still, that was half of what the other mic was doing and by boosting that ammount I was getting soo much static sound (and still low sound on mic).
I connected the headset to my motherboard with the respective split Y cable (don't know the name).
My motherboard is the Gygabyte AB350-Gaming 3.
I don't know if I need and amp or dac to get more power to the mic (I know it can boost the sound but don't know if that even works with boosting the mic).
I wanted to record some videos with this mic because I know he has some potential and I really enjoyed the sound of the other people on YouTube who had tested.
I hope you can help me.
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