VGA to HDMI opinions?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of upgrading my laptop a little bit (aware of it's limitations) as per my prior post here and I got some good advice on this I'm back.

Yet another limitation of my laptop is the lack of an HDMI port. I'm looking duplicate my display to an external monitor (ideally a 40" Samsung TV), but I'm unsure of quality.

Does anyone have any experience using:
VGA (+audio cable) to HDMI via a converter such as example1 / example2

I've seen single cables online, but I can't imagine they would work, even in theory, but the converteris definitely intriguing.

Any experience(s) would be great. How was the quality? Any lag?

Realistically, I play one game (not graphics heavy and wouldn't need to see 3D), watch videos etc. How would these work do you think?




Dec 2, 2014
1. In your example that is not USB to HDMI, but rather Displayport to HDMI. Regarding the quality: VGA is a rather dated analog transmitting port, whereas DisplayPort is a newer port that is considered to be of higher quality. I'm going to assume you mistook your DisplayPort for a USB port, and in that case I think the DisplayPort wins over VGA hands down. Though some might argue that VGA, or any analog display is more native, you pretty much lose that when converting to HDMI.