Video camera recordings in undf format


Oct 27, 2013
Ok so I am trying to upload a project on YouTube. After recording my videos I put the disc in my PC and then open the videos it works perfectly. Then today came.

I am using a DCR-DVD605 Sony HandyCam ( Dinosaur ). At first nothing would record there was a error on the camera about inserting the correct disc so I messed around in the camera and it finally start recording. If I could remember correctly I formatted the disc through the camera.

So I started recording and when I finished up I then inserted the disc in my computer and tried opening the video. VLC says undf format ( which means undefined video format ) but when I open the file's properties this is what he opens up with which looks odd "Opens with: VLC media file (.vob) (.VOB)". Also the camera complains about finalizing the disc which was never necessary before but after copying I did finalize it and there is something about DVD-Menu which does not show up on the computer. It plays perfectly fine through my camera though. Also if I insert the disc the disc it show that there is no space taken although I can open it and copy a 1GB video file

I went through the manual no luck, I tried converting the format from vob to avi no luck, I went through all the camera settings no luck, no drivers were found online to download. So here is the settings on my camera.

Format: 16:9 WIDE
Rec Mode: HQ

Please help I need this finished

Thanks yours truly


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Have you tried something like Handbrake or MPEG Streamclip to convert the .vob files to .avi files? Both are free downloads. I have used MPEG Streamclip to convert .vob files. Let me know if you have tried those already. If not and you do try them then let me know the results.