Video Editing Laptop for Film School


Jul 22, 2016
Looking to buy my son a laptop to take with him to college. Although the school will have their own desktop computers for editing, I am sure they are in heavy demand. At this point, I am looking at the Asus Zenbook 501 and the Dell XPS 15. Each one has it own pro and cons. The Dell is smaller, lightweight and has one of the the better 4k monitors. One con, that only maybe affects me and not my is son is that the keyboard doesnt have a number pad. The ASus is bigger, heavier and has a wobbly screen that kind of moves when you use the touch screen. The Asus is 1500 max. This is the part that kills my son, both come with a 512 SDD drive. You can update the Dell if you buy the $2600 version that comes with everything including touch screen. I dont want to spend that much. Aside from those issues, both laptops have almost identical everything except I think the Dell has one less 3.0 UPS. We could MSI which my other son has for gaming. They dont 2 HDD, one 1TB normal hdd and one 128 SSD drive. Outside of Acer, any other suggestions.
as for film editing, have you though about portable workstations? Quadro could do good jobs on that, and MSI and Dell should have good models for you.