Video Frame Rate Questions


Feb 8, 2011
Hope I'm in the right thread..
Hey all! I want to apologize in advance as many times as this has been asked, I have searched and searched but I don't quite get it, I thought personally asking may clear it up my questions.
My questions is over Frame Rates and what happens to them in the rendering process and so forth. Sorry if these questions seem idiotic I just cant grasp the concept yet.
I have a Panasonic LUMIX LX7 which I use for video. I am used to editing and rendering with programs such as Corel X6 and a few other pro-sumer programs. I have some experience with After Effects CS6. So I have a general Idea of what I am doing and the process of whats happening... But my thoughts aren't making complete sense of it.

1) Say I have my video camera and shoot a video at 1080p 60p and in post production export 2 files, one in 30p the other in 24p ( I don't mean slowing the time down just the the frames itself) What would the negative effects be? Would my footage be jerky? Is there any pros or cons to this? Are there any advantages to shooting at a higher frame rate just to render the frames down?

2) If I shot a video in AVCHD format and exported it to MPEG or AVI of the same settings (1080AVCHD60p -->1080pMP4-60P) Would quality of my footage be lost? (Again sorry for these simple questions) For the best quality do I always need to render and compress to the same codec format I started with?

Sorry if these questions were unclear, I tried to explain them the best I could. Thanks for the time helping me!


Jul 29, 2011
Footage would be jerky/ghosting frames.

AVCHD to MP4 is compressing into a smaller format. You may/or may not see quality loss, but it depends on your compression settings!


Apr 29, 2006
I'll take a stab at this but I freely admit I'm no expert.

If you shoot in 60fps and use a program to grab every other frame (30fps) you should be more or less OK. It will look odd and probably have a lot of "jerkiness" to it. But I'm sure it will look a lot better then if you grabbed every 24th frame. That will be very jarring as you aren't looking at using every other frame. In this case you'll be using more frame per second then others. Not good at all.

As for question two I'm not knowledgeable enough to answer. Textbook will say any conversion will lead to some loss. As long as you use the most recent codecs you should be more or less OK.
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