Video Game systems and surround sound issue


Dec 9, 2013
First, my setup:
-Xbox 360
-Xbox One
-PlayStation 4
-Vizio sb4251w surround sound sound bar with wireless subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers
-37" Panasonic tc-l37u3 LCD tv

After months of searching everywhere and every which way I can think of I've decided to post here to see if you fantastic people can help me. So I have my setup above. All 3 gaming consoles are hooked up to the tv with hdmi cables and the tv is hooked up to the sound system with an optical audio cable.

My problem seems to be that whenever there is no audio coming from the gaming consoles (quiet periods) and the audio resumes, there is almost a pause before the audio continues coming out of the sound system. Almost as if the sound system forgets it was playing audio or it got distracted.

Facts I have gathered so far:
-The issue happens on all gaming consoles, regardless of whether I am playing a game or watching (a) DVD/Blu Ray/Netflix/YouTube
-Issue does NOT happen when using a Blu Ray player
-Sound coming directly out of the tv speakers is perfect, no issues
-Music played through Bluetooth on sound system also no issue

Anyone have any suggestions? I am open to anything right now, including (but not limited to) supernatural rituals and the like. Thank you.

TL;DR Sound system having issues consistently playing back audio from video game consoles through tv.


you have tv gremlins. get your slingshot..

in all seriousness though it sounds like your soundbar is entering sleep mode.

as far as fixing the problem try disabling eco mode (could also be labeled ecopwr for your vizio unit) and that should fix the problem.

if it works say five hail marys and toss a coin in the pot. (sarcasm)
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