Question video keep freezes when seeking, while audio continues

Aug 7, 2023
Hi. I have problem with some of video files saved in my phones.

If I just play it, then the whole video is just fine, from the beginning to the end

but whenever I seek the video, for example, I click on any minute, or fast-forward any second, the video will be frozen for 5 seconds, while the audio is just normal. After 5 second, the video will be played normally. So There are always 5 second of I don't watch anything

The problem happens in all of my video player (VLC, MI video, and default player). The only troubleshooting I can do atm is just screen record while playing video without any interruptions. However, this isn't helpful as I have to wait a couple of hours to completely play the video.

my Phone is Poco X3 NFC with newest android system.