Video Lag/Stop


Jul 21, 2011
Hey gents and ladies, I was 100% sure where I should post this, so I'm trying here (if the moderator knows a better place for this topic feel free to move me ^-^). But, I've been having trouble with videos on the internet. Running Firefox, the problem didn't start until 13 update took effect. My videos via the internets, whether they be hosted on YouTube or otherwise will load fine, but when I start watching after about 5 seconds, the video freezes. I can skip forward in intervals of 5 seconds a piece. This didn't really bother me much at first, I figured it was just a bug Mozilla would be working on, but I haven't seen any updates or even complaints for that matter on their forums. So, I present this question to your wisdom. Is this something just with my computer, or is it a bug with the latest Mozilla update? Please help, I'm starting to lose my mind "clicking" my way through 2 minute videos....


Jun 24, 2012
I've been having problems with FireFox 13 as well. It's happening on the only machine I allowed the update to download. In fact, I could view videos with no problems until that last update now I see a prompt "an error has occurred, please try again later" but that later never seems to come, so I go to Google Chrome (no problems there). My Flash is up-to-date & all my plug-ins too as well as enabled. I thought it was my Norton Antivirus messing with it, but it worked fine until this last version. I uninstalled and re-downloaded and the problem is still there.
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