Video or article on how to replace power jack on Dell Precision M50???


Jun 10, 2014
Any links or direction to a video or article on how to replace power jack on Dell Precision M50???

The power jack on my M50 is going out.
I've been searching the internet for a step-by-step for this model but have found nothing likely due to the age of the laptop. I have an extra M50 laptop that went bad, but has a good power jack that I would like to take off and put on the good running M50. I've taken most of the bad M50 apart, but still can not get to the jack due to its location and am in need of some HELP.


Jun 10, 2014
0 - Not exactly what I was looking for: spending $100 to fix a laptop that I got for $45 shipped on the bay that has been working great for over a year (plus, I already have a replacement part). There are several videos on how to replace the power jack on various laptops on Youtube. I just can't find one for this laptop which a bit different than the videos I watched due to the location of this jack.


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