VIDEO: Volkswagen's Swedish Musical Stairs

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Imagine how many would use those stairs if there were erotic noises instead of notes~ ohhh...ahhhh...hmmm...yeahhh


Mar 7, 2009
Ahem ... I guess next week we'll have the World's Deepest Bin, Jane? ;)
Very nice series of articles, BTW, I didn't know about this until I read your article about the bottle bank arcade machine


Sep 20, 2009
It is an interesting theory and seems obvious when you look at it, make something more energetic more fun and people will do it, I normally hate ad campaigns but this is a good one for a change

But it needs planners and developers to take note and maybe pass on and use some of the ideas that Volkswagen are showing and putting it into practice, sadly I doubt that will happen


Sep 12, 2009
lol this is actually surprisingly funny and also helpful making ppl move a tiny bit extra instead of squeezing through the escalator. They need to lower the volume though cause it can get a bit annoying after its not that new and interesting anymore.

So.. do we have a number of accidents on ppl finding it too funny and messing around with them long enough till they fell off the stairs? :p


Imagine the sound of piano when someone somersaults down the stairs.....


I know the inventor of musical stairs and the original walking piano. His name is Remo Saraceni and is an absolute genius.

He designed these magical items more than twenty years ago and Tom Hanks was the first to dance on walking piano in the movie Big.

If you want to see with your eyes all the possible applications of the walking piano played with the feet take a look at Remo Saraceni’s channel on youtube.
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