Videos stopping yet audio continues fine

Video on what? A PC? Your phone? A mac? What program? Youtube? Windows media player? All video? Some?

Your didn't even ask a question or explain anything, so getting an answer that ACTUALLY works in kinds of hard without you explaining anything. It's like saying my car won't work? What doesn't work? Does it start? Does it turn over? Does it go in to drive? WHAT DOESN'T WORK?


Jul 14, 2013

Sorry, when i came on the site it said "ASK A QUESTION!" upon typing all of it and clicking the big red button afterwards, it decided to delete it all. Because yknow, why not make a box for you to type a question just to have it deleted afterwards huh?


For the last couple of days (on my computer) i've looked for some ways to fix this problem and i've always had a slightly different problem, using the solutions others get does nothing. When on either youtube, or some other site with any kind of video, every couple of minutes the video will freeze but the audio will play uninterrupted. Moving my mouse like a madman over the video or pressing pause and play will restart it where the audio is for another couple of minutes. I've restarted my computer several times, i've system restored to the day before the problem arised, i've tried other browsers (I use chrome, but i tried firefox and IE, all up to date) i've tried uninstalling and re-installing flash in 32 AND 64 bit (my computer is a 64 bit). This problem is driving me to the point of insanity, the last thing i wanna do is harm my precious low profile computer.

Also incase this helps get an answer, i recently moved my computer to a different place. I completely unplugged it (yes i safely turned it off) and i thought maybe when i unplugged it i got my graphics card somewhat loose, but doesnt seem like i could put it in any further without using force, which is the last thing i want to use. So maybe that could be a problem.

Anyways, if you find out how to fix it thanks in advance!

(Also since i'm new i had no bloody idea there was a reply button, sorry)