Question View my room while in VR

Dec 10, 2019
Good Day, For a fleeting moment I swear that I had a superimposed, half-opacity, view of my room while in VR mode. I don't know what I'd done or hit on the keyboard. This a SAMSUNG WMR headset and not a VIVE HTC so it was not the Chaperone feature although it was of that kind of thing. It was also more than the web of boundary edges as created by the STEAM Open VR Advanced setting add-in which I've also learned of during this search.

This is of interest to me because when people enter the room, or because some of the VR flight controls cannot be replicated on the HOTAS and I must lift the hood to see the keyboard.

Since these WMR headsets have self tracking cameras it would seem like a feature could be added to swap between room and VR with a voice command or pushbutton easily enough. Or perhaps a superposition view of fractional opacity....which is what I believe that I experienced.

A related thought. Last week the FBI warned the public about SMART TVs with camera and microphone capabilities potentially being used to invade privacy. These headsets seem vulnerable hacking targets as well. Thoughts?