Vintage University Sound speakers - Any good?


Nov 9, 2015

In renovating a house, I came across some massive speaker boxes buried in the walls. They are a University Sound C15-HC (Dual Impedance, High Compliance, 60 Watt, 4-8 &10-20 Ohms) and a C15-W (Dual Impedance, 50 Watt, 4-8 &10-20 Ohms). The speakers in the boxes are from around 1990ish or before and appear to be in very good condition, but I do not have the equipment to hook them up and test them.

Has anyone here had experience with this kind of speaker? Is the sound out of them generally any good? Are they worth re-selling (and for how much)? Where would one even sell equipment like this?
These are from the 1960s I think. The sound is dated but people do like to mess around with them to build vintage speakers. Kind of like a 1950 car doesn't have the performance of a modern car in any way but still cool. Sell them and modernize.
To max the price they should be checked to make sure they work.
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