Virtu MVP 2.0


Jun 24, 2013
I have recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU to a MSI MPOWER MAX, and intel 4670k. My GPU is a ASUS 6870. My new motherboard came with a software application called Virtu MVP 2.0 which allows you to switch between integrated and discrete graphics. Virtu MVP 2.0 does exactly as it should when installed right after a clean re-install of windows and all necessary drivers and updates but, after about 3 or 4 reboots with no change to the computer virtue MVP stays in discrete and does not change to integrated at all. I appreciate any help.
Virtu MVP is actually third-party software which ASUS simply bundles with some of their graphics cards.
You may not have the latest version which is here:
However, if your current version is lower than v2.0, those downloads are classed as "upgrades" which aren't free.
You can install a v2.xx but it will only run as a time-limited trial.

There's a thread here which seems to suggest that Virtu is not really worth having anyway: