Virus Affecting Chrome


Apr 30, 2014
There is an obvious virus on my PC that is really really hidden, and i just cant find it and eliminate it.

Have used all multiple times:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Chrome Virus Removal (Said multiple times couldn't find anything)

And Adwcleaner has found issues where the link shows its affecting Chrome. I keep on getting a search bar that looks like an extension (BTW only have ABP) but its not. I keep on opening links and it will open it in a new tab, and the current tab i have turns into an AD. I had one where i searched up something on Google specifically and it just gave Bings result. This is a custom built PC, i can provide specs if needed. but the thing i dont get is that adwcleaner shows every single time that there is a virus. I remove it every time, same shit appears everytime in chrome when i restart my PC. and yes i have uninstalled Chrome (but only once tho). im really confused, how deep do i need to go about this for this really annoying problem?