Vivitar Action Cam not sub streaming to PC

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Apr 15, 2018
I just recently bought a vivitar dvr917HD action cam and like all other action cameras (GoPro, etc.) it says on the website that it is able to act as a webcam and usb stream to your pc. However, whenever I connect it to my pc the camera goes black and just says "MSDC" and my pc pulls up all of my video and picture files from the camera, there is no "pc camera" option on the camera or anything. The microsd card is not corrupt and the camera and usb cable is usb 2.0/3.0 compatible. My os is Windows Home 10. Camera page on Best buy


What happens if you turn the camera off and then back on while connected to the computer?

I'm not sure you can with that camera. I understand why one would believe that because the of the following statement on the site:
"HDMI and USB 2.0 interfaces
For high-speed video transfer. USB streaming capability allows the camcorder to function as a webcam."

The following statement may be closer to the truth (also from the Best Buy site):
"... and its built-in Wi-Fi lets you directly stream content to any smartphone or tablet."

I could not find that model on the Vivitar web site so I can't verify whether or not Vivitar supports this claim.

You can try contracting Vivitar Customer Support and see if they can help. They are good about responding to customer inquiries.
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