Question VIZIO 5.1 Soundbar NOT WORKING on pc

Oct 17, 2021
I've tried everything. I tried the optical port, aux (I really need the AUX to work for what I need), and HDMI. I connected the AUX to the sound bar (AUX IN) then to my PC (AUX OUT) and no sound. I've even gone as far as trying AUX via sound bar/monitor and no sound. I've tried connecting my phone via bluetooth and it connects, I can control the sound bar.... but no sound. No it's not muted, and the (included) subwoofer connects correctly. This is severely frustrating after a $300 purchase and hours of tedious troubleshooting. Anyone that may have some insight please let me know, and thank you very much.


How were you getting audio before? Are you using HDMI to your monitor? Did you check the default audio on the computer that it's going to the right output. Volume on PC is up not just the soundbar?

Did you try the soundbar on anything else with those connections like a TV? Contact their support?

There really should be no issues getting it to work as long as the audio output on the computer is set to the right thing and the soundbar is not actually faulty.
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