Question Vizio sound bar has no sound when only playing Netflix


Mar 11, 2013
The last couple of days we have been having trouble playing Netflix through our Vizio sound bar. We also have a Vizio TV which was having trouble so the rep told us to do a factory reset. Since that time, everything works great through the Soundbar accept Netflix. We turn on Netflix and we get two strange dots on the left side of the Soundbar where the volume is. We get no sound though. Everything else works perfectly through the Soundbar, just Netflix seems to be the problem. Same thing happens when I try to stream Netflix from my phone to the TV. The Soundbar is attached with an optic cable. Don't really know where to go from here other than maybe to reset the whole TV again which will reset the Netflix apps. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you very much

Netflix showed me how to go into the audio settings and change which English one that I needed
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