Question Vizio Sound Bar Static and Distortion

Jul 25, 2020
I purchased the Vizio Sound Bar SB3621n-G8 because it has great reviews, however when. hooking it up - it sounds horrible. Distorted, static (almost like you're .01 off on a radio station tuning)

I've tried the following to trouble shoot:
Disconnecting all audio cords and only running blue tooth through it
Running tv/streaming device through Digital cable only
Running tv/streaming device through optical cable only
Resetting the system.
Unplugging sub and plugging back in
Turning down treb, bass, and subs. all at separate times to see if ones blown that's vibrating.
Unplugging and "Draining remaining power from sound bar" - is this actually a thing?
Checked cables to make sure they're secure
Turned ON/off TVOL
Turned on/off VRT:X

During each on of the above it all still sounds like crap and static. regardless if I'm streaming bluetooth from my computer or phone, or trying to watch something on tv.

Are there any additional things I can try before I return it?

My 1990s amplifier and speakers don't distort sound soooo much better and clearer.
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