Vizio Soundbar to Yamaha Receiver


Dec 22, 2017
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I am desperately trying to connect Vizio sounder SB3821 2.1 system to Yamaha TSR5830 (it has optical out for TV and coax out). My AV receiver already has 5 speakers connected through banana plugs.
The reason I am doing this so I can utilize the soundbar and its wireless sub

I will be much obliged for help, as tried with optical cable and Coax cable but I guess I have to change some settings on the AVR...
Aug 27, 2008
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If your already have 5 speakers but don't have a sub then you don't really want sound to come from the soundbar just the wireless sub. That would just screw up your surround sound.
You can use the woofer by connecting the sub out of the receiver to one of the analog inputs on the soundbar. Since you will only be sending bass to it the soundbar itself should have little or no output.
Set the receiver to 5.1. That will turn on the subwoofer output.
You will want to balance the woofer level to the 5 speakers. The sub level will vary with the subwoofer setting in the receiver, the overall playback level of the soundbar, and the subwoofer level of the soundbar. I would suggest using the receiver to balance the sub to the other 5 speakers and only use the others if you can't get the sub loud enough.
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