Question Vizio Strobing - what's going on?

Mar 15, 2022
Hey all, I've been having an issue with my Vizio M558-G1 that I can't quite find the right words to describe, so I'm hoping you can take a look at this footage and tell me what exactly is wrong with my screen.

I'm not sure how to embed the video, but I uploaded four examples to my Google Drive account and set the folder to "public" so that others can consult.

If I try to describe the issue, it's two-pronged:

- When reproducing very dark tones, the screen sort of pops in and out of the correct tone, blipping between that and a much lighter one. It feels like a strobe, and it doesn't appear to happen with lighter tones. It's bad enough that if I'm watching a dark movie, like horror, it can be a pretty constant distraction. This is well exemplified in the examples I have from 'A History Of Violence' in the links above. For the record, this was labeled as an HD file, though I suspect it may actually be from a DVD transfer. All of these examples are from iTunes, though I've noticed the same problem from all streaming apps.

- Less noticeable but still frustrating, sometimes areas with a lot of similar tones will get simplified, as if only a section of the picture has been badly compressed. This isn't just a matter of losing detail, it often becomes a similar but different tone that really sticks out as too saturated. For this, reference the video I've uploaded from 'Always', also a weaker-looking HD file. In particular, pay attention to Audrey Hepburn's face, which looks horrific. I watched this on my TV recently and then rewatched the exact same stream on my computer afterwards, and it looked totally fine on my computer.

Interestingly the issues persists with 4K video, though it doesn't appear to be as big of a problem with that format (that might just be circumstantial). The final video in the folder is footage from Get Out, a 4K file. It's less noticeable here, but you can see some strobing in the top right corner.

If anyone has any idea what's going on with the TV, I'd love to hear your theories. It's not quite two years old and I feel like I watch it less frequently than the average American, so I doubt it's an issue of overuse. The TV is exposed to sunlight for a few hours of the day, maybe some components of the screen have received heat damage?

That's all I got. If you have any questions for clarification, please don't hesitate to ask. And thank you for reading this overlong post.
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