Question Volume control with remote .. is there such a beast?

Jan 17, 2021
First the background .. We have an older (non hdmi) 2-zone receiver in my shop to run sound from either my satellite tv or satellite radio while in the shop. We also have a hdmi splitter to run a tv for a patio and firepit area behind the shop. We have recently built a 4-season sunroom on the patio with a hot tub in it. We have 2 pairs of Pyle outdoor speakers (1 set in the sunroom & 1 set outside for the firepit area) that we were planning on running stereo off zone 2, each set with a seperate in wall volume control.
Now for the question .. the regular in wall volume control is fine for the outdoor area but we realized that in the sunroom itself it would be really advantageous to be able to control the volume with a remote so it can be adjusted up or down with the noisy jets going on or off without having to get out, drying off, etc. The only thing I've been able to find with this capability is the Aton DLA2RF which doesn't seem to be available anymore. Does anyone know of a product that has this capability. Or, barring that, another idea to accomplish said goal other than installing a seperate receiver in the sunroom. That idea has been eliminated due to the high humidity and cool temps (we keep it at 10°C in the winter) of the room.
Thank you.
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