Volume is not coming out from the speakers

Mute button?

How do you know that the volume is maximum - some control, software slider...what?

What are the existing audio source(s), speaker connections (wired, Bluetooth...) and speakers? Make and models?

All the wires plugged in? Power to all devices? Any interim switches - some A B switch to change signal source or signal destination?

What configuration options are available: both software and connectivity: RCA, 3.5mm, etc..

Do other speakers work?

Do other sound sources work?

More information is needed.


Suggest that you start a new thread and post more information about your situation and speaker.

E.g., make & model, age, connections being used.

However if you know that the speaker is bad then the next step would be to open up the speaker and see if you can identify some obvious internal problem. Broke or loose wire perhaps.

Many "big box store" street variety devices, such as speakers, are not repairable at all. Or doing so requires some specific skills with test meters and soldering guns. Plus knowledge and experience.

Be sure to disconnect any power or audio connections beforehand. And always safest to find a knowledgeable family member or friend to help you with troubleshooting the speaker.